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Using Qlucore Omics Explorer, you can drastically shorten analysis time and add more creativity to your research, thanks to stunning 3D graphics, a point and click user interface, and state of the art statistical analysis.


Identify discriminating variables, produce publication ready plots and expand your analysis by using integrated tools such as GSEA an GO Browser. 


Visualize genomic information in the Genome browser and filter on called variants with the NGS module.


Product features




Quickly analyze and explore data sets such as:

  • Gene expression: microarrays, RNA-seq, real-time PCR
  • NGS
  • MicroRNA: microarrays, RNA-seq, real-time PCR
  • DNA methylation: microarrays
  • Protein expression: microarrays, antibody arrays, 2-D gels, LC-MS
  • Any multivariate data