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Qlucore works with selected Agents in different parts of the world. You can contact the agents directly.




Contact person: Bill Zheng

email: gendustry@gmail.com

web: www.qlucore.cn

phone: +86 13826286988




Filgen Inc.

Contact person: Takuya Ozawa

email:   biosupport@filgen.jp

web:     www.filgen.jp

phone:  +81-52-624-4388



Malaysia and Singapore

Genomax Technologies Sdn Bhd

Contact person: Shijie Pang

email:   info@genomax.com.my

web:     www.genomax.com.my

phone: +6012 238 0658



South Korea


email: jeonghun@commugene.co.kr

web: www.commugene.co.kr

phone: +82 (0)2 363 6863




Qlucore works with partners which have product offerings that matches well with Qlucore products and where the combination provides the scientists with excellent solutions for analysis.



Contact person: Philip Zimmermann 

email: phz@nebion.com 

web: www.genevestigator.com 

phone: +41 500 44 00


TATAA Biocenter

Email: order@tataa.com

Web: www.tataa.com

Phone: +46 31 761 57 00