Qlucore Insights

Qlucore Insights transforms clinical data into new insights with inbuilt AI powered subtype classifier models and gene fusion analysis support.

RNA-seq analysis software for better insights

Qlucore Insights enables disease specific subtype classification  and first class gene fusion analysis support of  individual samples.

Qlucore Insights is an easy to use software that takes RNA-seq data as input and generate plots and a report based on gene expression based classification and gene fusion based filters. Qlucore Insights is platform and the user can select to use different so called models. Currently we supply models for Leukemia and works is ongoing with models for breast cancer, non small cell lung cancer and bladder cancer. The program is for research use only.

Qlucore Insights


Key functionality

  • AI powered subtype classification of individual samples, with flexible visualization.

  • User-friendly interface for exploration of detected gene fusions, with no need for bioinformatics expertise.  

  • Integration with gene fusion data bases (Mitelman and Tumorfusions) for comprehensive analysis and evaluation 

  • Easy filtering options on relevant quality metrics, location and more, to quickly identify the most relevant fusions.

  • Automatic generation of highly customizable reports.  

Qlucore Insights in use by frontline labs

Qlucore Insights is already in use for research purposes in frontline labs, improving gene fusion analysis and analysis with the disease specific classifier model for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and the separate Gene fusion model for unbiased gene fusion analysis of any RNA-seq samples. 

Clinical benefits

Clinical benefits


Learn more about our different models available in Qlucore Insights

Two kinds of models are available in Qlucore Insights

classifier model

Classifier models

Qlucore Insights includes visualization-based disease specific subtype classifier models for sample stratification.

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gene fusion

Gene fusion model

Qlucore Insights include top class gene fusion analysis support for detection and evaluation of both known and novel fusions.

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