Qlucore Insights

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Qlucore Insights have a modular structure with the main program and disease specific classification and gene fusion models. The main program, i.e. Qlucore Insights is always required, and the user can then select to install one or several separate models for different analysis purposes and type of data. At least one model is required to run the software.

The main program is available for both Windows and Mac and the models work in both environments.

To get access to the program:

Fill out the contact form and specify in the message section if you want Windows or Mac version and what model you would like to test. Models are listed below: 

  • Gene expression classification and gene fusion analysis model for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, hg 19.
  • Gene fusion analysis model, hg 19.
  • Gene fusion analysis model, hg 38.

System requirements

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