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pca plots

The amount of information generated by modern multi-omics experiments requires more from the scientist and the tools used. By combining symbols and colors in 3D PCA plots, scientists have a new powerful opportunity to share complex results and findings.

One of the latest features in Qlucore Omics Explorer is to convey information about two sample annotations simultaneously in 3D PCA plots. Different colors are used for one sample annotation, and different symbols such as spheres, boxes and cones are used for the other.  This not only enables you to show the structure and clusters in the PCA plot but also to highlight two additional layers of information. The symbols are presented in 3D and the PCA plot can be rotated and displayed in the way seen most fit. We hope to see this type of plot in many future publications.

In addition to the upgraded PCA plot, Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.9 includes additional improvements in the area of visualization. This is exemplified by the new and easy-to-set-up Violin plot.

In addition, the latest version has significant performance improvements for statistical tests. By integrating the Welch, Kruskal-Wallis, and Mann-Whitney tests directly in the program instead of using an R-based solution, the tests run up to 900 times faster. This enables a new level of interactivity and data exploration, saving time and driving deeper insights in parallel.

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