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Suite of improvements makes data analysis easier and faster

Venn diagram

Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.7 is updated with a suite of usable everyday features.

For instance, significantly better performance for single cell data, an updated Venn plot with automatic list generation and improved management of subjects in the Kaplan Meier plot.

Updates include:

•    Native implementation of paired two group test makes it easier and faster to undertake analysis with paired data
•    Possibility to create lists from the Venn plot with one mouse click
•    Significant performance improvements for large datasets in several areas
•    Improved 10x Genomics template
•    Added axis options in the Volcano plot
•    Improved management of subjects in the Kaplan Meier plot
•    Easier NGS project set-up through updated user interface
•    Further additions to the data export option for integration with Clarivate’s MetaCore

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