Newsletter: Identify key signals in data quickly

The Qlucore Biomarker Workbench – designed for easy batch mode statistical analysis

The Biomarker workbench runs multiple statistical tests in batch mode and identifies the most interesting signals.

Biomarker workbench

The workbench includes easy set-up of a suite of different statistical tests to run in batch mode with the objective to select effective compounds or other relevant signals. Results are presented in tables and the structured outcome can be used directly for following analysis steps using the full suite of visualizations and other tools.

For biomarker discovery use the the Response variable option. It is tailored for biomarker discovery and assists in finding correlation between sample annotations – an excellent way to focus on key annotations when working with large amounts of clinical data.

Key functionalities:

  • Run multiple jobs of statistical tests (in batch mode) on many annotations with different conditions
  • Drug candidate testing
  • One key press export of lists and tests for continued exploration
  • Large scale clinical annotation analysis by setting up Response variables


Upcoming webinar:

Title: “Biomarker workbench and statistical tests in Qlucore Omics Explorer” 

Date: May 26th, 2022 

Time: 15:00 GMT (+1)  

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Watch the video Use Biomarker Workbench for advanced set up of multiple statistical tests”.

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