New version of Qlucore Omics Explorer brings researchers more freedom to focus on research insights and accelerate scientific breakthroughs

Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3 will give scientists clearer, quicker analysis of bigger, more complex data sets – and better results

Qlucore, ( a world leader in the development of bioinformatics software, has today unveiled the latest version of its advanced data analysis software. Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3 will provide researchers with instant and simultaneous access to an even larger set of multiple plots, enhanced and faster integration when sharing large sets of data, and more flexible options for ordering and visualizing larger heatmaps that use even less memory. The latest version Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3 has a number of completely new features such as new box plots, line plots and histogram plots. These have been developed to help researchers visualize, explore and analyze an even wider range of integrated high-dimensional data sets interactively and in real time. In addition to these new features, Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.3 offers some significant upgrades including an easy data import and export facility from a wide range of devices and platforms, an enhanced heatmap plot facility allowing much easier detection of patterns and instant clustering ability of many thousands of variables.

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