Qlucore announces partnership with Cambridge Protein Arrays

Making protein analysis easier and quicker

The partnership announced today between Qlucore and Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd (CPA) will strengthen the end-to-end solution for protein analysis. Users will benefit from a broad and extensive protein analysis and immediate access to results visualization and analysis. An experiment performed using CPA’s arrays can be followed by data analysis using Qlucore Omics Explorer. The combination of Qlucore and CPA will enable a fast and reliable workflow for studying protein interactions and other analysis.

                                                             CPA PR

In larger studies, data analysis can be a major bottleneck. By using Qlucore Omics Explorer this task is made considerably easier. Qlucore Omics Explorer allows data exploration and statistical analysis supported by instant visualisation, making it possible to explore and analyse large protein data sets interactively.

Carl-Johan Ivarsson, Qlucore President comments: "We are delighted to be partnering with Cambridge Protein Arrays and together we will help researchers achieve faster and more visual results from their protein data analysis."

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