Qlucore Newsletter: 77x faster PCA plots

Fast and smart calculations improve your user experience


Qlucore Omics Explorer calculates and plots a first PCA plot 77 times faster than R*. Speed is always of interest but more important is what it gives you as a user, and that is interactivity. With Qlucore you can explore and analyze your data sets faster and more interactively. You can test more ideas and evaluate more scenarios. You will increase your chances of new findings and relevant actionable results.

PCA plot speed is only one example of speed, virtually all functionality in the program is faster than in other solutions. This is because Qlucore Omics Explorer is built on a generic and fast calculation engine that not only calculates as quickly as possible but also is very smart because only minimum recalculations are done when, for instance, a filter setting is changed.

“Omics Explorer has become our ‘go-to’ tool for getting a first glance of any multivariant data problem. It provides us with simple and fast visualisation of data, irrespective of the data source.“

Dr. Josef Rasinger, National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES), Norway

Watch this 1-minute video for an example of how you can explore your data. If you would like to see the speed for yourself, we offer a free trial.

* tested with 30 k features and 150 samples. R code: X = matrix(rnorm(30000*150),30000) , df = as.data.frame(X) ,system.time({ F = prcomp(df, scale=TRUE, rank=3) }). Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.6. Both calculations run on the same computer. 

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