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Qlucore Omics Explorer is an extremely fast and easy to use data analysis tool for biologists and bioinformaticans. Move your analysis forward right away! 

Need help to get started or just busy with other tasks? With Qlucore Omics Explorer you can analyze faster and easier. A wide variety of data types such as RNA-seq, microarrays, proteomics, metabolomics, flow cytometry, miRNA, single cell and DNA methylation are supported. Import and normalization is easy, and a wide range of powerful statistical methods are included. The program is very fast. Did you know that PCA plots are generated 77 times faster in Qlucore Omics Explorer than in R?

What would you like to do with YOUR data? We offer a wide range of webinars and hands-on trainings below to help you get started.

Begin analyzing your data right away
Learn how to import data, perform statistical analyses while visualizing the results in different plots such as PCA plots, heat maps, box plots, scatter plots etc. After this you will be familiar with the program and can start analyzing your own data!
Basic training hands-on sessions

Generate new hypotheses
Fast visualization and carefully selected methods are optimal for data exploration. Learn how you can make new discoveries using visualizations in PCA, heatmaps with hierarchical clustering and t-SNE plots. kmeans++ clustering is another powerful method to identify data clusters.
Webinar “Explore your data - make new discoveries"

Work with RNA-seq, Single cell or Proteomics data
Learn how to import different data formats, analyze and visualize your data using various plot types, like PCA, Heatmaps, t-SNE, Volcano and Box plots.
Webinar “RNA-seq, Single cell and Proteomics data analysis webinar”

If you would like to browse the genome of your genes of interest you might want to learn more about the integrated Genome browser in this webinar.
Webinar “RNA-seq data analysis with a genome browser integration”

Find relevant pathways
Use the built-in GSEA workbench to quickly identify relevant pathways. Obtain a deeper understanding by visualizing the enriched genes of each pathway in a variable PCA plot.
Webinar Pathway analysis with Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)”

Find correlated genes or proteins
We will show you how to find correlated variables, achieve visualizations in variable plots, search for variables and create lists from heatmaps, PCA plots etc.
Webinar “How to identify and visualize correlated variables?

Create classifiers
Learn more about the built-in Machine learning methods KNN, SVM, Random Trees and XGBoost and how to use them to build classifiers.
Webinar “Machine learning – how to build and use classifiers”


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