Qlucore Newsletter: Two aspects of Templates and scripting

The introduction of the Python based scripting possibilities to Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.5 has received a lot of very positive feedback.

There are two important aspect of the Template functionality. First the user aspect, using a template (regardless if it is shipped by Qlucore or developed by the user) saves time for tasks that need to be repeated. Using Qlucore developed templates is an excellent way to learn more about the program and available functionality.

The other aspect is organizational. Scripting enables an organization to share the same template to all users and ensure that the same steps are taken for different data sets. Creating an internal template can be used to download and access data from internal (and external) databases. This makes it much easier for a user and a bioinformatic team to ensure that the latest data release is combined with the correct annotations.

An example of the new Qlucore templates is the TCGA download template. It is now possible to download 22 different data sets from TCGA with only a few key-clicks and this is available from release 3.5(24) that was posted on Qlucore.com yesterday. Download and try it out!

In an upcoming Webinar,"Introduction and overview", we will tell you more about new features.



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