Newsletter: RNA-seq for cancer diagnostics – new tools pave the way

RNAseq analyses is gaining increased interest for clinical applications.

Gene expression profiling in combination with gene fusion analysis provide information that reflects both phenotype and cell dynamics of a tumor, as well as gene rearrangement events that may affect the characteristics of it. Building on the company’s long experience in visualization-based software solutions for research applications Qlucore is now about to bring new clinical software solutions to market:  

  • Qlucore Insights, for research, is available and used at several customer sites in early access. 

  • Qlucore Diagnostics is at present processed for CE-IVDR compliance.

QI and QD img

Qlucore software for clinical applications

The software utilizes transcriptomic data for classification of tumors according to clinical guidelines. Advanced statistics and AI-based machine learning models are used to optimize disease subtyping. Moreover, a general analysis model for un-biased gene fusion analysis with clinical annotation is included.

The data imported to the Qlucore software is generated through standard procedures and kits for sample handling and RNAseq analysis. The analysis workflow is easy, fast, and can be executed by lab personnel without background in bioinformatics.

Available models:

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (BCP-ALL)

  • General gene fusion analysis with clinical annotation

Models in development:

  • Lung cancer (NSCLC) 

  • Bladder cancer 

  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)  

  • Breast cancer 

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