Qlucore Newsletter - Survival analysis using Hazard ratio with Qlucore Omics Explorer

Survival analysis is widely used in drug trials, where survival times in a group receiving a new drug are compared to a placebo group. 
In more general terms, survival analysis focuses on estimating the time to one or more events of interest.

Hazard ratio

The most common way to visualize survival data is with a Kaplan Meier plot. It shows the proportion of survivors at any point in a time series for one or multiple groups of subjects. Hazard ratios quantify the difference in survival rate between groups or the rate of change per unit in the continuous case.

In Qlucore Omics Explorer, Hazard ratios can be calculated for multiple covariates, all of which can be nominal or continuous, displaying the p-value and the 0.95% confidence interval for each ratio are optional. This information can either be exported or displayed in the flexible and easily configurable Kaplan Meier plot.

Need help to get started? Watch a short video showing several features, one example is how to add Hazard ratios working with survival analysis.

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