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Qlucore Omics Explorer is so easy to use that you no longer have to depend on an expert in bioinformatics to explore and analyze your Omics and NGS data sets.

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Qlucore Omics Explorer is a D.I.Y next-generation bioinformatics software for research in life science, plant- and biotech industries, as well as academia. The powerful and flexible visualization-based data analysis tool with inbuilt powerful statistics delivers immediate results and provides instant exploration and visualization of big data.
The software is developed to allow the workflow which best suits you and your experiments and maximizes the outcome of your research.

You decide the workflow


Visualization is central in Qlucore Omics Explorer.

By combining instant visualization with powerful statistics and flexible selection methods, you will be able to see your results immediately.

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Instant exploration is one of the key features.

As a user, you decide your own workflow and starting point. You are in control and can tailor the exploration to meet your specific needs.

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The combination of powerful statistics and instant visualization drives exciting results.

Flexibility and expansion are cornerstones. Analyze data using an easy to use statistical model. Integrate and extend the analysis with Python based Templates for scripting. Add statistical methods through the Open API to R. Filter on genomic entities such as read coverage and variants with the NGS module. Use the GSEA workbench, the kmeans++ clustering or generate  machine learning based classifiers.

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You can share your results in a number of different ways.

The unique global log and restore function not only lets you keep track of what you have done, but also allows you to store information of each analysis step you have performed.

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Easy data import

A wide selection of file formats and data types are supported. Import of data and clinical information can be done in several ways, with or without normalization. 

Case Studies

RNA-Seq analysis using Qlucore

Stanford University, US

Performing gene expression analysis based on RNA sequencing data, in Dilated Cardiomyopathy studies.

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Protein data analysis in Hepatitis studies

Institute Pasteur, France

Understanding viral signatures in Hepatitis C. Qlucore Omics Explorer is used to identify differences in chemokines between the virally infected groups.

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Using Qlucore in epigenetics research studies

Cancer Genetics Program at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada.

A range of samples including DNA from patient blood, primary tissue from tumors, and cell lines, are studied.

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Key Features

Qlucore Omics Explorer have extensive functionality. 

Qlucore accelerates our research in an unprecedented manner. This extremely useful tool highlights for its simplicity, robustness, and usability with a wide range of proteomics and genomic datasets.
It supports both explorative and hypothesis-driven research on fundamental and translational studies. A computational solution for biomedical researchers.

Dr. Sergi Aranda, Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain

Up to 2800 times faster

Qlucore Omics Explorer is much faster than other bioinformatic software solutions.

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The value of using Qlucore Omics Explorer

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