Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.8

Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.8

Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.8 focuses on improvements for single cell data analysis and includes a flexible and fast UMAP plot. The new features are:

  • UMAP plot. The plot facilitates the exploration of high dimensional data sets, such as large bulk RNA-seq, proteomics data sets, and single cell transcriptomics data and is considered to provide a better preservation of the data's global structure compared with t-SNE plot.
  • the conversion of gene identifiers from other species like mouse and rat to human orthologs making it possible to work with human gene lists when performing pathway analysis
  • Improved Venn Diagram making it possible to create lists from the intersections
  • Improved performance when working with large datasets
  • An interface to MetaCore
  • Tukey and Fold change post-hoc analysis support in the Biomarker workbench
  • Paired t-test as a native method available in the Statistics Window
  • Improved Project Manager in the NGS add-on module
  • More Gene Fusion information in the Gene Fusion workbench

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