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Learn how to easily analyze your experiment data yourself

Join the free basic training with Ann Holmberg, Qlucore, to learn how to explore and analyze experiment data using the visual and interactive bioinformatics software Qlucore Omics

Qlucore Omics Explorer allows biologists and research scientists to easily visualize, analyze and perform biological exploration on a wide number of different data types including gene expression data (RNA-seq, microarrays), Proteomics and Metabolomics data, miRNA data, DNA Methylation data, Flow Cytometry data and other multi-variate data. 

Free course for beginners or research scientists with little experience of Qlucore Omics Explorer.  

Date: June 6th

Time: 13.00 - 16.00

Place: University hospital Basel, Switzerland  

Learn more and sign up by June 2nd by sending an email to:





Join one of our webinars and learn more about easy data analysis of complex data. Information and registration



Interested in learning more about Qlucore Omics Explorer? Are you and your colleagues interested in attending one of our seminars?  Please contact us at  qlucoreinfo@qlucore.com