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Qlucore Omics Explorer is an easy to use software program well suited for analysis of DNA Methylation data.

Visualize and analyze data from several sources in parallel, or compare your experiment with published data. With Qlucore Omics Explorer you can have many data sets open in parallel.

Analyze DNA Methylation data

DNA Methylation is a type of chemical modification of DNA that can be inherited and subsequently removed without changing the original DNA sequence. As such, it is part of the epigenetic code and is also the best characterized epigenetic mechanism. Research has shown that DNA Methylation is manifested in a number of important biological processes and human diseases including cancer.


With Qlucore Omics Explorer, a number of different analyses can be performed. For DNA Methylation data, the following functionality will be of specific interest:

  • Perform statistical filtering using ANOVA to enhance results.
  • Generate a list of genes that classifies data based on a selection of statistical tests: f-test, t-tests or regression.
  • Present results using, for example, heatmaps or PCA plots.

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