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The Qlucore Omics Explorer base module includes all of the key features that most people use on a regular basis. If you work with NGS data, the NGS module will include more options.

At Qlucore we spend significant time and effort on testing and evaluating new functionality before adding it. These carefully thought out features make the program very easy to use.

Two examples on how the features add value are:

  • by improving the speed of analysis by up to 50%
  • by stimulating creativity to explore new ideas and to discover new findings

Because Qlucore Omics Explorer is so easy to use, you don't need to be an expert in analysis to use it. The current user base spans a broad range of professions, from bioinformaticians, biologists, statisticians and chemists to medical doctors, students and professors.


You decide the workflow


Publications ready plots

Interactive Heatmap

Dynamic PCA 3D-plots


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Direct RNA-seq import

Genome browser

One button GEO download


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Powerful statistics including open API

Multiple data sets

GSEA Workbench


Variant calling

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Export pictures & videos

Export lists & data

Global restore & log

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