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Using instant visualization you can analyze miRNA (microRNA) data faster and more easily.

By combining several visualizations with statistical filtering you get closer to your data and can generate new ideas. 

Micro RNA analysis

miRNA (also written microRNA or µRNA) are non-coding RNA that are not translated into proteins. Instead they normally control the translation of mRNA. Profiling miRNA levels using microarrays is becoming a widely used technique.

With Qlucore Omics Explorer, a researcher can easily examine and analyze data from miRNA (microRNA) experiments. Data can be generated either by microarrays or for instance by RNA-seq and NGS techniques. For miRNA profiling, the following functionality will be of specific interest:

  • Perform statistical analysis using ANOVA. Unwanted factors can be removed with a single mouse click.
  • Generate a list of miRNA that classifies data based on a selection of statistical tests: F-test, t-tests or regression.
  • Use hierarchical clustering or PCA to identify subgroups.
  • Work with variable PCA plots to find correlation and networks among selected miRNA.

Importing data is simple.

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