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Both for RNA-seq and array based data

With a few mouse clicks the discriminating genes are identified and results are available in publication ready lists and plots, such as heat maps and box plots.

Gene Expression Analysis made easy

With Qlucore Omics Explorer you can examine and analyze data from gene expression experiments. Visualization is easy with strong support both for heat maps and PCA.

Data can be generated either by microarrays or through RNA-seq techniques. Direct import and normalization is available for Affymetrix, Agilent and aligned BAM files coming from any NGS platform.


Key functionality:

  • Identify discriminating genes with a few mouse clicks
  • Show results in the flexible and easy-to-use heat map with hierarchical clustering
  • Verify your hypotheses using powerful statistics including ANOVA and different forms of regressions
  • Expand the analysis using the integrated GO Browser
  • Compare with pathways and other biological information using the integrated and user friendly Gene Set Enrichment analysis (GSEA) Workbench
  • Explore new ideas focusing on gene and sample subsets with Dynamic PCA
  • Quick to learn and easy to use
  • Heatmaps, bar plots, line plots, PCA plots and more, both in 2D and 3D


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