The Qlucore difference

Qlucore strikes the previously unachievable balance between custom analysis program development and commercial software simplicity with tailored, powerful, off-the-shelf packages. 

The Qlucore team has extensive experience in life sciences, mathematics and business. Combined with insight into the impact of omics data volumes and complexities on research and diagnostics development, they help customers advance their capabilities in biomedical research, drug development, disease understanding and improving healthcare. 

The ambition to develop user-friendly, visual, fast and generic software solutions has been with us from the start. Used in combination, Qlucore solutions are flexible, scalable and future-proof, making a difference for users and customers. 

This is how Qlucore makes cutting-edge genetics data analysis and exploration accessible to both research and frontline clinics.  

With the application of these advanced capabilities to in-clinic decision-making, Qlucore accelerates precision diagnostics—unlocking the full potential of precision medicine. 

Success stories

"This tool might literally save you years of your life."
Ulrich Steidl Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York
"For me, one of the most compelling reasons for choosing Qlucore's Omics Explorer for the Human Protein  Atlas program was its simplicity."
Professor Mathias Uhlén Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden