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Open PhD position in Sweden

As part of the The Marie Curie Innovative Training Network "Machine Learning Frontiers in Precision Medicine" (MLFPM) Qlucore is happy to announce and host a PhD position within the field of Machine & Statistical Learning for Biomedicine: "Visualization of Deep Learning on Biomedical Data for Improved Interpretability".

The position is at Qlucore with a joint project between Qlucore and the University of Copenhagen with work carried out both in Lund and in Copenhagen, both cities located within the dynamic region of Oresund or "Greater Copenhagen" between Denmark and Sweden.

The PhD will be awarded by the University of Copenhagen and supervision will be shared by supervisors from Copenhagen University and Qlucore.

The research will be performed within the fields of visualization, machine learning and statistical learning aiming at developing novel ways to display information from e.g. deep convolutional neural networks, auto encoders and similar learning models applied to clinical biomedical data.

Read more and apply here (deadline January 15, 2019)

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