Qlucore began as a collaborative research project at Lund University, Sweden, with researchers in the Departments of Mathematics and Clinical Genetics. 

From the beginning, the main problem the project faced was the vast amount of high-dimensional data generated by microarray gene expression analysis. As a result, it became clear that an interactive software tool was needed to conceptualize this information. 

In 2007 the company was founded by Magnus Fontes, Thoas Fioretos, Johan Råde and Carl-Johan Ivarsson.

Johan Råde

Johan Råde 

PhD in Mathematics. Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Lund University. Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University, The Wallenberg award for outstanding research in mathematics 1993. Lead Scientist at Summus Technologies Inc.

Magnus Fontes

Magnus Fontes 

Magnus Fontes has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and has previously been a Professor of Mathematics at Lund University and a Professor of Bioinformatics at Copenhagen University.

Furthermore, Magnus Fontes has previously been Head of International Relations at the Center for Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, and Integrative Biology at Pasteur Institute in Paris. Magnus Fontes has since 2017 been a leader in Genentech's research efforts in Systems Cancer Immunology. Magnus Fontes has broad academic experience in applied Mathematics and has been head of the Institute Roche in France since 2020. He is particularly an expert in mathematical modeling, statistical learning, and bioinformation.

Car-Johan Ivarsson

Carl-Johan Ivarsson 

Chief Executive Officer at Qlucore.

Carl-Johan Ivarsson has a master's degree in electrical engineering from Lund University and has more than 25 years of experience in software development, product management, and sales He has been CEO of Qlucore since 2007. Carl-Johan previously worked for a long time as Vice President with responsibility for product management at Ericsson Mobile Platforms.


Thoas Fioretos 

Thoas Fioretos is a professor and chief physician in clinical genetics at Lund University. He specializes in genomics-based precision medicine focusing on acute leukemia and has published more than 125 scientific articles. Thoas Fioretos has extensive experience in developing new methods for improved clinical diagnostics within cancer based on genetic analyses. Thoas Fioretos are further founders of Qlucore and Cantargia. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Thoas is also one of the initiators of Genomic Medicine Sweden.

Celebrating 10 years and interview with the founders

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