Log and status enables easy restore of previous analyses

Two common challenges when working with data analysis are to:

  • Keep track of previous analysis steps and to be able to return to these stePS
  • Have a comprehensive overview of how exactly data has been processed

Both challenges are solved in Qlucore Omics Explorer (QOE). Keeping track of analysis steps is solved by the log functionality. As a user you can create logs and restore points during the analysis. All relevant information is stored and the program and analysis can be fully restored. You do not have to take any notes, instead you simply press the “Create log point” button. You can store as many log points in a log file as you want. When restore is performed, all plots, selections and filter values are restored, and your analysis can continue. It is also possible to share a log file with a co-worker, who can also restore the analysis. An overview of the calculation pipeline from version 3.3 is continually shown in the status panel. In the example you can see that both ANOVA and Variance filtering has been used. The content of the status panel can also be exported with all plots in the pdf report.

To learn more about version 3.3 and the log and status functionality download the Version 3.3 free trial or watch a recorded webinar.

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