How it works - Qlucore Insights

Qlucore Insights enables disease specific subtype classification  and gene fusion analysis support of  individual samples.

Qlucore Insights is an easy to use software that takes RNA-seq data as input and generate plots and a report based on gene expression based classification and gene fusion based filters. Qlucore Insights is platform and the user can select to use different so called models. The models plug into the Qlucore Insight platform and create one unified solution for the lab to manage a range of tumor types.  The wet lab workflow is similar in all cases and based on Illumina RNA-seq kits, and the bioinformatic pipeline uses state of the art open-source tools. Results are presented in the program with flexible visualizations and filters and can after inspetion be exported into a report, see example report. The program is for Research use only.

The program is now available with four cancer tests (models): two models in the space of Leukemia – BCP-ALL and AML, and two in the space of solid tumors – lung and urothelial cancer. Additonal are two gene fusion only models available. Read more about the models here.

Selected documents

Qlucore Insights Getting started

Manual to get you started.

Qlucore Insights Gene Fusion Model Getting Started

A manual to get you started with the gene fusion only models.