Transforming complexity into clarity

Transforming complexity into clarity

Innovations in the fields of genetics and proteomics are leading to much more information to harvest for improved research and diagnostics – with a long-term objective of improving healthcare. Qlucore makes that information easier to manage.

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Qlucore simplifies exploration, interpretation and decision making for researchers, technicians and physicians. The ability to test many ideas with a few clicks, interact with data, and have results visualized instantly as you work puts advanced data analysis capabilities in the hands of everyone on the team. This gives researchers more control of their work, makes results and insights simpler to spot and act on, and frees bioinformation resources for more specialist applications.

Turn scientific results into clinical solutions

AI-based machine learning solutions for disease-specific subtype classification create new opportunities in precision medicine.  

The trio of Qlucore solutions (Qlucore Omics Explorer, Qlucore Insights and Qlucore Diagnostics) is the foundation for fast and efficient development of clinical tests and companion diagnostics solutions. Combined, they enable the plug-in of disease-specific models with customized machine learning (AI-based) classifiers.