Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Board includes three independent senior and renowned scientists and industry experts and two of Qlucore’s founders; Thoas Fioretos and Magnus Fontes. The board will provide unbiased and scientifically based guidance to Qlucore, on key scientific results and technology trends, and advise on future product roadmaps for Qlucore.


Albrecht Stenzinger

Professor of Molecular Tumor Pathology, Deputy Director of the Institute of Pathology (IPH), as well as Head of the IPH Center for Molecular Pathology (CMP) and Section Head for Molecular Diagnostics and Biomarker Development at the Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany.

Aurélien de Reyniès

Aurélien de Reyniès

Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Paris at the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers and the former scientific director of the CIT research program of the French League against Cancer.

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Solange Peters

CHUV – Lausanne University hospital
Chair Medical Oncology @CHUV Lausanne Full Professor. ESMO President 2020-2022

Thoas Fioretos

Thoas Fioretos

MD, PhD, professor and senior consultant in clinical genetics at Lund University, Sweden. Co-founder of Qlucore. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Thoas is also one of the initiators of Genomic Medicine Sweden.

Magnus Fontes

Magnus Fontes

PhD in Mathematics, currently the Director of Institute Roche in France, a former professor at Lund University and Institute Pasteur in Paris, France. Co-founder of Qlucore.