Collaborations and Partners

Qlucore solutions are developed in partnership and adapted for collaboration with other leading analysis tools and services partners, extending your research capabilities even further.

Classifier models developed with scientific experts

Qlucore works with scientific experts and key opinion leaders to develop disease specific classifier models for both clinical diagnostics (Dx) as well as companion diagnostics (CDx). Our machine learning (AI) based classifiers are combined with user-friendly visualizations in a cost-effective software solution.

Currently four models are in development  

  • Leukemia (BCP-ALL
  • Leukemia (AML)
  • Lung cancer 
  • Bladder cancer

Availability depends on if the software is for research use only or approved according to IVDR. Do you want to learn more about models or are you interested in collaboration? Contact us.


In recent years Qlucore has been awarded grants from research funding agencies on several occasions. Currently we are part of the following projects: 

CARE-IN-HEALTH:  "This project aims to improve the preventive treatment of patients at higher risk of cardiovascular disease by using precision medicine. The goal is to find early strategies to interrupt the inflammatory processes that lead to cardiovascular risk. This can provide significant benefits for society,” says Professor Magnus Bäck, project coordinator for CARE-IN-HEALTH. 

OmegaPerMed: The project aims to optimize treatment with omega-3 to prevent cardiovascular diseases (CVD). In clinical trials, the project will try to detect interactions between genes, exposure to polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), CVD risk and lipidomic markers against beneficial CVD effects of omega-3 PUFA. 

EIC Accelerator: This project aims to propel personalized cancer treatment forward, focusing initially on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and bladder cancer. For three years with the EIC Accelerator grant of 27 MSEK, Qlucore will develop and launch CE-marked software tailored for clinical cancer diagnostics, specifically targeting AML and bladder cancer. The project addresses critical clinical needs and paves the way for collaborations with pharmaceutical companies in companion diagnostics (CDx). 

Partner Integrations - Qlucore Omics Explorer

Partnerships and services with the Qlucore platform provide the end user with increased value and analysis options. 


Advance your discovery research with faster, precision analysis through the powerful combination of Qlucore Omics Explorer and MetaCore.


Read more about the partnership here.


The combination of Qlucore Omics Explorer and Genevestigator allows users to easily analyze, visualize, explore, and interpret gene expression experiments.

Contact person: Philip Zimmermann 

Phone: +41 500 44 00

Read more about the partnership here.