Analyzing protein data sets using Qlucore

“Overall, Qlucore is an intuitive and comprehensive toolset empowering scientists to understand the story that data tells, without an obligation to consult with biostatistician for every minor detail of upcoming analysis.”

Vera Nezgovorova, Postdoctoral Associate, Yale School of Medicine, USA

Qlucore Omics Explorer is designed to support you during the many stages of data analysis, from checking the quality of data in a pre-series to reporting the final results with plots. The fast and generic calculation engine generates plots and visualizations faster than any other tool and makes analysis quick and easy. An example of this is one of our clients - Vera Nezgovorova, at Yale School of Medicine, who is using Qlucore for biomarker analysis. Below she shares how the program adds to her research.

“Qlucore is a fast and efficient tool to quickly get a sense of complex datasets and better understand dynamics of biomarkers interactions. Qlucore software allowed us to deconvolute and analyse protein dataset derived from 660 Raybiotech (Norcross, GA) biomarkers array full screening service in the monocyte-like cells culture supernatants. In our dataset, we had three experiments conducted in the same way on two cell lines, which were treated not only with different stimulation conditions, but also with different doses of stimulators. Use of Qlucore allowed us to discriminate the differences between the two cell lines and clearly differentiate effects of the stimulator conditions.”