Cancer research

Cancer research with Qlucore Omics Explorer - case studies

Many scientists use Qlucore Omics Explorer for cancer-related studies. A quick search among articles published by Qlucore users shows the diversity of studies already conducted. Qlucore Omics Explorer is built around a fast and generic calculation engine which generates plots and visualizations faster than any other tool. This makes it easier and quicker to focus on the underlying biology. The generic engine allows you to work with many types of data, examples include: flow cytometry, proteomics, DNA methylation, RNA-seq and many types of data from arrays.

You can work both with your own data and with the data of others, either through download directly from sources as Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) or by using the Wizard and importing data sets from co-workers

Two examples of case studies in the cancer field are:

“The use of reverse phase protein arrays for the study of Leukemia” by professor Kornblau at MD Anderson in the USA.

“Using DNA Methylation data to study Li-Fraumeni Syndrome cancers” by MD Nardine Samuel at University of Toronto in Canada.

Both scientists share their experiences with Qlucore Omics Explorer in the case studies which you can download

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