How to analyze TCGA data with Qlucore Omics Explorer

The Cancer Genome Atlas TCGA* is a major collaboration of 20 institutions across the United States and Canada. Altogether, TCGA has collected 2.5 petabytes of data describing 33 different tumor types across 11,000 patients. Significant findings include identification of therapeutic targets and a better understanding of the molecular basis of cancer, as well as an improved ability to classify cancer subtypes.

With the vast amount of data available, TCGA offers an invaluable resource to mine for new insights or to support current research. However, with many data types and data quality levels available, understanding how to obtain data is challenging. This is why the Broad Institute’s GDAC, resource provides access to analysis-ready TCGA data compiled for each cancer cohort. GDAC maintains many data files organized as tables of patients and variables, and is an ideal resource for analyzing TCGA using Qlucore Omics Explorer.

To guide you in exploring this fantastic resource there is a new 
'How to import TCGA-Data' document available here. By using the built-in Import Wizard, the procedure is easy and straightforward. The guide gives detailed instructions using several examples.

Try it and good luck with your exploration and analysis!

*Qlucore has no direct affiliation with TCGA and requires that you accept the TGCA Data Use Policy and Publication Guidelines to promote the responsible use of TCGA data sets. All investigators, and their institutions, seeking access and use of TCGA data must acknowledge agreement with TCGA policies and procedures.