Increased flexibility with an open interface to “R”

One of the key elements of Qlucore Omics Explorer is to make it easy for non-expert analysts to perform data analysis. This is achieved with a combination of visualization, ease of use and a careful selection of methods.

We are now working on a new release that will make it even easier to extend the statistical functionality in Qlucore Omics Explorer. This new release will incorporate a framework for inclusion of user defined R scripts performing statistical tests. The R scripts will be accessible through a dropdown box in the statistcs dialog in the program – making the feature easy to use.
There are several benefits with this approach:


  • Users will gain access to a broader range of statistical methods.
  • The integrated model enables non-specialists to access and run the R scripts.
  • Bioinformaticians and other specialists can supply their organizations with scripts to use.
  • New R scripts can be developed based on a template.

Examples of methods that will work from the start are:

  • Wilcoxon
  • Limma

The new release with this functionality is scheduled to be released in late November.