New insights from Flow Cytometry data

Dig deeper into Flow Cytometry data

With Qlucore Omics Explorer (QOE) you can analyze and explore many types of data. Flow Cytometry data is prevalent, and to assist with this an updated “How To Work with Flow Cytometry” document is now available.

QOE can be employed if you are using manual or automatic gating. The pre-process required is to manage the feature extraction and end up with a sample-based data table, either in comma or tab separated format. This is then easily imported into QOE.

The document shows a complete workflow, and illustrates the process with examples. It covers important considerations such as which normalization method to use for the visualization. The visualization and analysis capabilities of QOE ideally complement the needs of Flow Cytometry analysis.

To dig deeper into your data, download the “How To Work with Flow Cytometry” document now. 

Good luck with your exploration and analysis!