Newsletter: Functional analysis of RNA-seq data using NDEx (Cytoscape)

Use NDEx Integrated Query together with Qlucore Omics Explorer

Are you looking for enhanced biological network-based gene set interpretation? Use NDEx Integrated Query together with Qlucore Omics Explorer to go deeper into the functional analysis of RNA-seq. Networks are a great tool for discovery and prediction, especially when exploring complex processes and diseases where differential gene expression analysis is not providing results.

Sign up below for the webinar to find out more. During a live demonstration of Qlucore Omics Explorer, with in built GSEA workbench, the work and output will be combined with analysis in NDEx/Cytoscape. We will find differentially expressed genes, enriched pathways in GSEA and we will take one pathway into NDEx/Cytoscape to find matches and to build biological networks with pathway figures. We will use a public RNA-seq dataset from GREIN database.

NDEx – the Network Data Exchange

The NDEx Project provides an open-source framework. One of the goals of the project is to facilitate models that are currently available only as figures, tables or supplementary information, such as networks produced via systematic mining and integration of large-scale molecular data.

The NDEx project does not compete with existing pathway and interaction databases, such as Pathway Commons, KEGG or Reactome; instead NDEx provides a novel, common distribution channel for these databases, preserving their identity and attribution rather than subsuming them.

NDEx is officially recommended by Springer Nature, Scientific Data and the PLOS family of journals.


"Functional analysis of RNA-seq data using NDEx (Cytoscpae)"

December 1th, 2022

15:00 GMT (+1)

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