Newsletter: Identify the origins of metastatis in lung cancer

Molecular classification of lung cancer from whole transcriptome data

The first generation of Qlucore’s lung cancer model is able to identify if the sample content is malignant or not, and if it is from a primary lung tumor or from a metastasis. The model confirms if the primary lung tumor is LUAD or LUSC and if a metastasis, from which tissue it originates. The model also detects any gene fusions that are present in the sample. 

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Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death worldwide, however there have been major advancements in the treatment of lung cancer over the past 15 years and a significant increase in patient survival rates. Much of the advancement in treatment comes from the rapid development of our understanding of the underlying molecular alterations that cause the condition, new ways to measure or detect these alterations, and treatments designed to target specific alterations.

Traditionally detection has been from DNA analysis, however DNA is largely identical in all cells. Unlike DNA, RNA fluctuates considerably both in presence and relative concentrations. These variations reflect cellular characteristics, or phenotypes, thus RNA analysis gives a more accurate view of specific molecular alterations within cells. Sequencing is the most informative approach for analyzing RNA. Qlucore has put the extra information available from RNAseq to good use and has developed an RNAseq based classifier for lung cancer patients. 

The first generation of our lung cancer model is now available and is integrated within the Qlucore Insights software. Qlucore Insights is a research use only software, however a clinical software Qlucore Diagnostics, is under development and will comply with IVDR. Qlucore Insights reads files from standard NGS workflows and provides the user with subtype classification based on gene expression as well as filtered and quality checked gene fusions. The lung cancer model is one of several supported by the program which also includes leukemia and bladder cancer models, making it easier for an organization to work with several types of cancer.  

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"Introduction to Qlucore Insights and its new Lung Cancer classification model. A step closer to molecular stratification."

July 20th, 2023

at 11:00 CET.

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