Newsletter: Simpler and quicker visual NGS data analysis

Visualization and interactivity for faster insights

Deeper analysis of RNA-seq and other NGS generated data can be challenging if you are not a bioinformatics specialist. The Qlucore Omics Explorer NGS module simplifies this process by providing a visual overview of data as the analysis is progressing, enabling non-specialists to analyze data easily.  


The module gives you the opportunity to filter on read coverage, variants and synchronized gene expression levels. Users can also have all information presented in the Genome Browser and a heatmap in parallel, for example.

Qlucore Omics Explorer’s NGS module offers a fully interactive and fast Genome Browser for as many samples as you want, and as many tracks per sample as required. Visualize read coverage, quality, reads, indels, database content, and much more.

If you work with ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq data, support for peak detection and quantification of peaks is also included.


  1. Visual overview with the Genome Browser.
  2. No programming required -  all settings and choices are completed with keypresses and sliders.
  3. Save time by completing a pre-processing step just once, with unlimited analyses available.
  4. Filter on genes, read coverage, variants, chromosomes, and more.

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