Qlucore allows scientists to be hands on with data

Qlucore´s users are active in many different research areas within academia and the pharma/biotech industries.

Doctor Kevin Wei and his Immunology research group at Brigham and Women´s Hospital, Harvard Medical School are using Qlucore Omics Explorer to analyze and explore research data. The group focuses on autoimmune diseases, especially rheumatology arthritis, and within their research they are using high dimensional transcriptomics profiling such as single cell RNA sequencing.

For Dr. Wei and the scientists in his group it is important to have access to software that allows them to delve into the data analysis.

"What I like about Qlucore Omics Explorer is that it really allows scientists such as myself to work hands on with data. By using Qlucore's software we are now able to look at our data with different hypotheses and with the help of our colleagues this becomes much more a discovery-based science." comments Dr. Wei.

There are many Qlucore customers who regularly publish articles in high impact journals such as Nature and Science Immunology. See a list of all publications here.

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