Qlucore newsletter: Accelerate cancer subtyping in precision medicine

New version of Qlucore Insights with four cancer models now available

lung cancer

Gaining fast and precise results is an ongoing challenge in cancer subtyping. Qlucore's purpose-built software combined with standardized lab workflows helps professionals to achieve speedy, accurate results and take full advantage of the ongoing precision medicine revolution.

The new version of Qlucore Insights is now available with four new cancer models: two models focusing on Leukemia – BCP-ALL and AML – and two relating to solid tumors, focusing on lung and urothelial cancer. Combining gene fusion analysis with gene expression subtype classification and using modern AI-based technology, the models plug into the Qlucore Insights platform and create one unified solution for the lab. This enables the user to analyze a range of tumor types.

Qlucore is constantly expanding the Insights platform with new models. The wet lab workflow is similar in all cases and based on Illumina RNA-seq kits, and the bioinformatic pipeline uses state of the art open-source tools. Results are presented in a comprehensive report including probabilities, quality data and supportive visualizations in 3D.

Qlucore Insights is a research use only solution and the targeted applications are developing knowledge for the different cancer forms as well as the development of companion diagnostics (CDx). Versions of the models will also be made available on the Qlucore Diagnostics platform which is on course to achieving the CE mark for childhood leukemia (BCP-ALL).

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"Using standard RNA-seq and Qlucore Insights for classification of Leukemia"

September 28th September, 2023

at 11:00 CET.

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