Qlucore newsletter: Clinical interpretation support for lung lesion analysis

Qlucore Insights with machine learning based models takes lung cancer classification into the future  


A new release of Qlucore Insights is now available. It includes a model for the classification of lesions of the lung using RNA. Molecular subtypes of primary lung tumors are classified,  as well as metastases from four different origins. Furthermore, detected gene fusions are analyzed and presented for action. Molecular classification in combination with RNA-seq based gene fusion detection is a powerful tool for improved results.  

The Qlucore Insights lung cancer model is based on RNA data from more than 100 carefully selected samples (FFPE). The model is developed using modern and tailored AI-based machine learning techniques. Using RNA adds additional information to DNA and alternative methods. Data processing and results are easy and fast to generate with the foundation in standard RNA-seq kits, NGS instruments and workflows.  



Major advancements have been made in the treatment of lung cancer over the past decades but it remains a major cause of cancer related death worldwide.  To further improve diagnosis and treatment, the scientific community is focusing on RNA which unlike DNA, fluctuates considerably both in presence and relative concentrations reflecting the cellular characteristics. RNA analysis gives a snapshot of the current state of a potential tumor sample. Qlucore utilizes this snapshot to subclassify tumors using AI based classifiers that determine the specific subclass to which a specific tumor belongs.  

The lung cancer model is available and integrated into the Qlucore Insights software. Qlucore Insights is a “research use only” software, but an IVDR compliant solution is under development. The lung cancer model is one of several supported by the program which also includes leukemia and bladder cancer models, making it easier for an organization to work with several types of cancer.  

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Qlucore Insights: Molecular classification of lung tumors from NGS data generated with standard tools and procedures

April 4th, 2024

at 11:00 CET.

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