Qlucore newsletter: Improved testing available for childhood leukemia

Providing precision medicine options for more childhood leukemia patients

Improved classification techniques, using whole transcriptomics and detection of samples from the DUX4-rearrangements and ETV6:RUNX1-like subtype, can provide access to personalized precision medicine and better treatment outcomes for up to 7% more childhood leukemia patients.  

Qlucore Insights, a research-use only product providing these improved classification techniques, is already in use at front-line labs. The program covers the analysis workflow from data input to a tailored comprehensive report. It supports gene expression-based subtyping as well as gene fusion analysis. 


Deployment is fast and easy with an on-site option, running on both Windows and Mac, bringing the software to the lab and reducing data privacy issues.  

The Qlucore-developed plug-in software architecture supports scalability from the beginning and uses one platform for several plug-in models. Four classifier models are already available in Qlucore Insights: BCP-ALL, AML, bladder cancer and lung cancer.   

Qlucore Diagnostics is on target to achieve IVDR approval for childhood leukemia (BCP-AL) by February 2025. 

The benefits of Qlucore Insights include: 

  • Access to the latest findings for BCP-ALL subtype classification. 
  • Integrated support for gene fusion analysis, including detection of novel fusions. 
  • Access to a report of subtype probabilities, including 3D visualizations. 
  • Scalability powered by Qlucore's unique plug-in software architecture. AML model is already available for testing. 
  • On-site version to provide greater data protection. 

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"Using standard RNA-seq for classification of Leukemia"

October 19th September, 2023

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