Qlucore newsletter: New release featuring updated classification models

A new release of Qlucore Insights with updated models to improve transcriptomics disease subtyping

Qlucore Insights is the fast and easy way to introduce transcriptome based disease subtyping. With plug-in architecture and classification models for four cancer disease areas already available, the unique combination of disease subtyping, unbiased gene fusion detection and a graphical user interface, including visualization, makes analysis easier and faster.

How does it work?

The models with disease subtyping capable classifiers for ALL, AML, Lung cancer and Urothelial cancer, are already available for testing and use in Qlucore Insights in a research setting. Combining gene fusion analysis with gene expression subtype classification and using modern AI-based technology, the models plug into the Qlucore Insights platform and create one unified solution for the lab. This enables the user to analyze a range of tumor types. However, Qlucore is not stopping there. We are continuing the development of models for other cancer types.

 improve transcriptomics disease subtyping

Qlucore Insights is a research-use only solution. The targeted applications facilitate the development of knowledge for the different cancer types, as well as the development of Companion Diagnostics (CDx). Versions of the models are being developed and will eventually become available on the Qlucore Diagnostics platform, with the first model for childhood leukemia (BCP-ALL) now being evaluated by the Notified body.

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Unbiased analysis of fusion genes: The importance for clinical decisions

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