Qlucore Newsletter: Pre-configured software solutions for Companion Diagnostics

Solutions and product line for fast and easy CDx implementation 

Move faster towards implementing companion diagnostics with Qlucore

Qlucore’s generic software architecture including pre-configured tests as starting points enables you to complete companion diagnostic solutions faster.  

One of the challenges faced when moving towards more comprehensive signatures for advanced CDx is the implementation of test based on modern machine learning in combination with a comprehensive report. The Qlucore approach is founded on four pillars to focus on fast implementation and deployment:  

  1. The use of standardized and broad kits (panels), such as whole transcriptomics. 
  2. Plug-in software architecture that uses one platform and individual CDx plug-ins. The platform supports visualization and reporting.
  3. Algorithms and medical knowledge as a software solution included in each plug-in.

A comprehensive product lineup that utilizes the same framework for machine learning. The three Qlucore products cover applications from research to diagnostics: Qlucore Omics Explorer (QOE) for data analysis, Qlucore Insights for testing and research in a clinical setting, and Qlucore Diagnostics for regulatory approved deployment.

Companion diagnostics

Starting with your signature, using our platform and joint development of machine learning classifiers for subtype classification saves you time. The plug-in architecture ensures an efficient process with focus on classification and disease specific metrics. Qlucore Insights covers the whole analysis workflow, from data input to a tailored comprehensive clinical report. The shortest development time is offered for RNA-seq based signatures, both gene expression and gene fusions. 

Deployment is fast and easy, with an on-premise option that runs on both Windows and Mac. This means the software is available at the lab, reducing privacy data issues.  

Getting started is easy, with four plug-ins (classifier models) already developed in Qlucore Insights. These models can be used as starting points. There are models for Leukemia (BCP-ALL and AML), bladder cancer, and lung cancer. 

Benefits overview 

  • Easy to develop and deploy machine learning based classifiers 
  • Unique architecture with a plug-in approach 
  • On-premise option for data protection  
  • Quick integration of new signatures  
  • Four plug-ins available for evaluation and test 

Qlucore Diagnostics is on route towards IVDR approval for childhood leukemia (BCP-ALL), with a target date of February 2025.

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