Qlucore Newsletter: Up to 2800 times faster

Use fantastic speed to boost your findings and scientific creativity with Qlucore Omics Explorer 

fantastic speed

Qlucore Omics Explorer (QOE) is up to 2800 times faster than other bioinformatic software solutions, both for statistics and creating visualizations.  

The speed of QOE provides researchers with a more flexible workflow – all with the purpose of generating better results faster.  

The table below provides a comparison of QOE to R. The details of different program versions and how tests were done are available here.

benchmark table

The difference between QOE and R is even greater in an actual data analysis scenario. Variations such as filter levels that change the input require full recalculation in R, however QOE will avoid recalculations wherever possible. The dynamic behavior of QOE means it is much faster than the already impressive static performance.

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