Qlucore Omics Explorer helps Immunovia to easily perform complex data analysis

Qlucore, a leader in the development of bioinformatics visualization software, announces that Immunovia, an innovative diagnostic company that has successfully developed a blood-based test for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer using antibody biomarker microarray analysis, has chosen to use Qlucore Omics Explorer for data analysis.

“At Immunovia we routinely explore and analyse large data sets within our research and development. Qlucore Omics Explorer is helping us to perform complex analysis smoothly and correctly, thanks to its powerful functions and intuitive GUI. Since the software has proved very reliable and stable, it forms an integral part of our research work,” says Mats Grahn, CEO at Immunovia.

“At Qlucore we are very happy to have Immunovia as a customer to support them in their forefront work in cancer and autoimmune diseases diagnostics,” says Carl-Johan Ivarsson, Qlucore President.