Qlucore Omics Explorer version 3.4 has rich support for single cell analysis 

Single cell RNA-seq is a technique that is being more and more widely used. The amount of data generated from these experiments tends to be large, and data sets with more than a thousand samples are commonplace. 

Large data sets and fast analysis are exactly what Qlucore Omics Explorer is designed for. Using an ordinary PC/laptop you can work with these extremely large data sets and use visualizations such as PCA and t-SNE to gain new insights. 

In the latest version of Qlucore Omics Explorer we have added enhanced support for large data sets in general and RNA-seq single cell specifically. Examples of the new functionality are: 

  • Variable pre-filtering to remove variables with few real measurement points over the samples 
  • Subsampling to reduce the number of samples if requiredA new pre-filter module with extensive options to remove unwanted variables 
  • t-SNE plot which complements existing clustering and visualization tools 

There are several ways to learn more about the options for single cell RNA-seq analysis with Qlucore: 

  • Attend our upcoming webinar on 12 June 
  • Download a free trial and test it on your own data 

All of the above functionality can be used with any type of data and all existing functionality can be used for single cell RNA-seq data.

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