The new NGS module

Advance notice of NGS module release

It’s exciting to tell you that the launch of the new NGS module for Qlucore Omics Explorer is on schedule. The NGS module is designed to make complex and advanced analysis of NGS data as simple as possible. New unique features will make the analysis faster, easier and more complete. Here are some examples:

  • An innovative two-phase work flow that delivers speed and interactivity during analysis. The first pre-processing phase is time consuming, but is only done once. The second phase includes analysis, visualization and exploration and is lightning fast and interactive - as you would expect from Qlucore.

  • A fully interactive and fast Genome Browser for as many samples as you like and for as many tracks per sample as required. Visualize read coverage, quality, reads, indels, data base content and much more.

  • Instant filtering with immediate view updates for a wide range of entities. Filter on genes, read coverage, variants, chromosomes and more, in any combination you need.

  • Full integration for RNA-seq data, choose quantification method and analyze data with interactive PCA plots and heat maps in parallel and in sync with the Genome Browser.

The NGS module reads and accepts a wide range of industry standard file formats. Intense development and testing is ongoing with the objective to release a Beta version early in 2017. Expect further updates.