Visualization techniques help improve the communication of data analysis at core facilities

Many universities and research organizations have created core facilities or core labs over the last decade which focus on Omics data to maximize the utilization of expensive instruments, and to benefit from centralized lab competences. Though working and business models differ significantly from core facitlity to core facility, the majority have the following in common: 

  • Customers can be from many different departments/groups
  • Customers tend to have limited experience of the data types 
  • Workloads tend to be high and pressured

Qlucore Omics Explorer offers exceptional functionality to both enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction at a core facility. 

Thanks to the software´s speed and visualization techniques, the core facility operator will obtain a much better and faster understanding of a data set and is able to make sure that a data set is a “healthy” data set without technical problems. Visual representations of the data analysis facilitate not only discussions from initial findings but also the strategy for further analysis with the customer.

“Qlucore enables very rapid and intuitive data analysis. With it scientists themselves are doing advanced bioinformatic analysis" says Matthew Arno, PhD, Genomics Centre Manager, King's College London, UK. 

If your core facility use R for some of the analysis steps you can use the Qlucore R scripts to generate “.gedata” files directly from R. The R scripts are available in the FAQ section.