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Qlucore Insights (RuO) is the easy to use software that takes RNA-seq data as input and generate plots and a report based on gene expression based classification and gene fusion based filters. Qlucore Insights is a platform and the user can select to use different so called models. 


There are currently four models using both gene expression subtyping and gene fusions available. The are targetted at Leukemia (BCP-ALL and AML), Lung cancer and Bladder cancer. Additionally there are two dedicated gene fusion models.

Qlucore Insights

Selected documents

Qlucore Insights Getting started

Manual to get you started.

Qlucore Insights Example Report

An example report with probabilites and visualizations.

Qlucore Insights Gene Fusion Model Getting Started

A manual to get you started with the gene fusion only models.

Qlucore Insights guide to gene fusion detection in BCP-ALL

This shows how Qlucore Insights and the Qlucore INsights BCP-ALL model can be used to detect and analyze gene fusions.