Qlucore Insights - free trial

Qlucore Insights is available with four different classifier models including both gene expression based subtyping and gene fusion analysis, and two gene fusion only models. 


Qlucore Insights options

Qlucore Insights have a modular structure with the main program and disease specific tests (models). The models support both gene expression based subtype classification as well as gene fusion analysis. The main ouput are the results in a comprehensive report.

To get access

Fill out the contact form and specify in the message section if you want Windows or Mac version and what model(s) you would like to test. Available models: 

  • AML
  • Lung cancer
  • Urothelial cancer
  • Gene fusion analysis model, hg 19.
  • Gene fusion analysis model, hg 38.


Qlucore Insights is for research use only.